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Dear Polish campaigners,

The wind energy industry behaves with complete disregard and, indeed, contempt for people?s health problems resulting from poorly sited turbines.  That is, from industrial turbines sited far too close to homes.  This has turned many thousands of people into clinical guinea pigs, struggling with the very real and debilitating cluster of symptoms now known internationally as Wind Turbine Syndrome.

I applaud your efforts to put a stop to this madness.  The madness of...

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Otrzymaliśmy wsparcie z Europejskiej Platformy Przeciwników Wiatraków epaw.org

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There are far too many families who have had to abandon the homes they love because they are too sick to stay in them now that they have industrial wind turbines, transmission lines and transformer stations nearby. They've been forced to choose between a home that's become toxic and regaining thier deteriorating health.

They suffer the loss of their health and the loss of the safety of their home and community. They suffer the injustice of this happening to them forever!  They will never...

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A Support Letter From Japan

We are Japanese concerned about windfarm developments. Big Wind is destroying nature and local communities in Japan too. People near wind farms are suffering from low- frequency noise from the turbines.
Although the Japanese government has just started a survey on the low-frequency noise, we suspect they will not solve the problem properly.
We support your anti-windfarms campaign. We are really sorry not to be able to march with you. But we believe your campaign will...

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Czesc moi bracia w solidarności ,

I support you in your fight to bring better decisions for alternative energy.  In trying to help the environment we must remind the governments of the world to remember that people are a part of the environment.  We must remind them to use the right technology in the right place.  We have a responsibility to the environment AND the people within that environment.
Good Luck in your efforts to bring a just result in your fight.
popieram was w...

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To The Citizens,

You need to know you are not alone. We In Ripley Wind Project understand the harm that industrial wind turbines can do to your once peaceful environment. We are with you and believe with the will of the people not the companies and the elected officials who have sold out our environment for a falsehoods about what turbines can do, the people will prevail. Do not trust tests done by the company or political engineers . You need to work together and find ?honest? scientists...

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